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Subscribe To The Transcripts

Help the Dharma to Flourish

Once again, we are seeking your help to preserve Geshe Doga’s and Geshe Lobsang’s teachings for future teachers and students by asking TI’s students and friends to take an annual subscription to the teachings transcript program.

Thanks to TI Publishing Group volunteers, the transcripts program has been running continually for 30 years, in parallel with the teachings.

Each week throughout the teaching year, rostered teams collaborate to record, transcribe, edit, check, format, email and print Tuesday and Wednesday evening teachings.

The archive now contains thousands of transcripts that, collectively, form an invaluable treasury of Dharma, conveying the words of our gurus to current and future generations of students.

Geshe Doga has encouraged and endorsed our transcripts program. TI is one of the few FPMT centres to have established and maintained a weekly transcript program for this length of time.

It is advised that Transcripts are available for students / attendees 

How your contributions help

Your support will help sustain our program by covering costs like software licensing and materials for local printing (paper, page protectors, printer consumables, etc.).

Other costs include the purchase of museum-quality archival paper and folders to create a robust print archive of teachings at TI, designed to last well into the future.

Subscription donations also allow us to cover the upfront printing costs of new books.

Most importantly, your support helps Tara Institute to give the gift of Dharma – particularly the teachings of Lama Tsong Khapa – to current and future generations.

What can you do?

·      Take an annual $40 single subscription to have digital copies of either Tuesday night or Wednesday night teachings emailed to you. Your subscription will include all 2024 transcripts from that weekly teaching night, including those from earlier in the year.

·      OR

·      Subscribe to both sets of weekly teachings – Tuesday PLUS Wednesday nights – for $70.

TI will also collate and email a full set of either Tuesday or Wednesday transcripts from 2023 for $20 per set, or $40 for both sets.

Click here to subscribe 

If you prefer, you can donate $1 each for printed transcripts at the desk outside the gompa door on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Note that printed copies are free at the desk for current digital subscribers as well as newcomers.

Thank-you to all those who’ve supported us in the past, either as donors or volunteers.

Your support has helped TI create an incredible, invaluable repository of teachings at Tara Institute for current and future generations – definitely a cause for rejoicing!

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