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“The purpose of the centre existing continually is to help sentient beings and what sentients beings need most is to be free from the oceans of suffering... The only method to be free of suffering is the Dharma. The Buddha's teaching. The centres are for that. That is why the Centre is teaching Dharma, providing qualified teachers, translators, a places to practise, to hear the teachings and so many other things.

By helping the Centre, you are helping all sentient beings, because then people come to learn Dharma at the Centre, and to practise bodhichitta, as they do practice for all sentient beings, to benefit all sentient beings. That is how the Centre benefits numberless beings.
Lama Zopa Rinpoche ~ 6th May 2019
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At Tara Institute we do not charge for classes, however the success of our work reflects the support we receive from our members.

Membership fees are important in allowing us to finance the facilities to be able to offer Dharma teachings. Your support allows us to continue to follow the advice of our Spiritual Director and precious Guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche, look after our residential Sangha, invite visiting Lamas and teachers and provide an exciting program for everyone.

Our running costs, which are not subsidised by any other organisations, are a large amount of money. The day to day costs cover all the basic needs like water, electricity, phone bills, insurance and all you need to keep a centre running.

This, combined with our need to maintain the buildings, grounds and gardens means we ask those who attend VI to be as generous as they can and therefore invite those who attend to make a financial offering to the centre when they attend classes.

We have a range of membership options so that people from all backgrounds can access our membership and support the centre. 

Each membership level has an option of paying membership fees yearly or monthly. Select your option below and you will be redirected to our membership sign up form and secure credit card payment facility.

Please download the Membership Application form here.
Without the generous support of members,
the Centre could not exist.
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If you have benefitted from this Centre and would like to extend that benefit to others, then please consider donating to Tara Institute.  This will help to support the Centre so it can continue to sustain this comfortable venue where the Buddha's teachings can truly benefit many people.

You can use the button on the right or, if you prefer, you can transfer money directly into our bank account - details below:

A/c Name:      Tara Centre for Wisdom Culture Inc

Bank:                Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB:                 063242

Account No:   10227562


Address: 3 Mavis Avenue East Brighton, 3187, Australia

Please email TI Office to inform of the transfer, or just call the office on 9596 8900 to arrange donation with credit card over the phone.  Thank you.

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This enables the Tara Institute community to support the dharma and allow us all to receive precious teachings from Venerable Geshe Doga and Geshe Lobsang

Lama Zopa said: My point here is for you to understand what we are doing and what you are helping with. This is so that you can rejoice. It really is unbelievable, incredible, what you are helping with, and this creates so much benefit for the world and for sentient beings. This actually creates the cause to liberate so many beings. This is an incredible opportunity for you to rejoice, and if you rejoice and then dedicate the merits, it is amazing.

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