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Who is Lama Yeshe?

For many who don’t know or who are new to TI, Lama Yeshe was the founder of FPMT. Together with Lama Zopa Rinpoche (Lama Yeshe’s heart disciple) FPMT began to expand across many countries around the world.

Lama Yeshe requested our precious Venerable Geshe Doga come to Australia and teach the dharma. Without Lama Yeshe, Tara Institute would not be here today and have the good fortune of having Venerable Geshe Doga teach at Tara Institute for 40 years this year!

Many of TI’s senior students have the good fortune to meet with Lama Yeshe and experience his amazing presence and teachings.

TI will hold an afternoon remembering Lama Yeshe, his deeds, his immense kindness and his humour etc. 

Do please come along to join us to listen and/or share how Lama Yeshe transformed you either meeting him personally or just reading his books or stories of him and be inspired by his deeds. 

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