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Refuge Ceremony

Saturday February 24th 2024
10am - 12pm

After consultation with Geshe Doga, who advised that Geshe Lobsang will confer the Refuge Ceremony . This event will be held on the most auspicious day of Losar which is 24th February 2024.  It is also a Day of Miracles, merit multiplying, which reinforces our commitment of being considered a Buddhist to follow the teachings of Buddha.

Time: 10am -12 noon at TI main gompa, to be followed by cup of tea & biscuits

 Look forward to see you

There is no charge, and no need to register for this event

Why take refuge?


It is said that there are many benefits from taking refuge. The first of these, is becoming a Buddhist. It is pure and genuine taking refuge in the Three Jewels which differentiates from Buddhist and non-Buddhist. Taking refuge is like the ground or foundation on which things can grow. It is the base on which we can grow and develop spiritually. Taking refuge in the Three Jewels give us strong refuge and protection in our daily life (From Inner peace and Happiness by Ven. Geshe Doga)

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