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Thank you for your kind generosity, please feel free to leave a comment or dedication below (optional)

Flower Offering

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  • Your generosity enables us to purchase fresh flowers, candles and incense as offerings on our alter.


    Flower sponsorships can be made in someone’s name, accompanied with a prayer request dedicated to a loved one, for a special event, or anything that resonates strongly in your heart.


    The flowers on the altar represent one of the most beautiful and yet one of the most transient forms of nature. They are rich with abundant qualities of there individual design, colour and fragrance. They are a supreme source of joy in this world. 


    When we light a candle we may liken it to illuminating the darkness of our ignorance that in turn increases our wisdom and when burning incense as fortifying our moral discipline to attain pure concentration.


    Any meritorious gesture of generosity creates a karmic link  between yourself and the virtuous activities it allows.   Thank you for your kind support.

  • A  receipt will be emailed to your nominated inbox after payment.


    You can also make donations at the centre by cash or card and via direct bank transfer with your financial institution.  Contact us for more details.


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