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Sunday 22nd October 2023
10AM - 2PM
(Lunch will be offered by TI)

Each year, in order to thank our beloved teacher Geshe Doga for his unwavering commitment and kindness to the students and friends of Tara Institute since 1984, the Long Life Puja is offered to him for his long and healthy life, followed by a delicious lunch.

This year's Long Life Puja will be different from previous years as there will be many Sanghas attending from various centres.

Lunch will be offered by TI.

Everyone is welcome!


Please come along and join us on Saturday 21st October 2023, in preparing the extensive offerings of flowers, incense, light, food and water. This is a wonderful opportunity to accumulate merit and create something truly beautiful to be offered to our holy guru. It is a lovely and joyous occasion and a chance to catch up with old friends and create new ones. 


Please click here to register for this special event

TI advises that everyone wear formal clothes to add to the significance and auspiciousness of this event.

If you are attending the set-up day (Saturday 21st October 2023), please bring some white or yellow flowers for the offering bowls.

Offerings: Donations or offerings for this puja are most welcome 

 Please contact the office on 9596 8900 or

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