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Saturday April 13  - 10:00am - 12:00pm

A text translated by Rinpoche, Advice for the Anniversary of the Guru’s Passing Away, which is a short text that explains the importance of making offerings on the anniversary of the passing away of one’s guru. It sets out the benefits of making offerings, how to make the offerings with six remembrances, and how to offer and dedicate the roots of virtue collected.

As Rinpoche explains in the foreword of this text, “Making offerings on the death anniversary of a guru is an incredible practice in that it brings about the greatest purification of negative karma and collects the most extensive merit.”

There are six benefits of making offerings on the anniversary of your guru’s passing away. The Hundred Clear Realizations of the Glorious One from Narthang offers the great Kadampa Geshe Sharawa’s citation from Guhyasamaja and Vairochana’s Net of Magical Illusion:

You complete your guru’s holy wishes.

You purify the negative karmas and obscurations collected in dependence on the guru.

You achieve extensive merits.

In future lives, you meet gurus.

You become an object to be subdued by gurus.

You quickly cease your samsara.

On March 10, 2021, Rinpoche gave commentary on these points during a teaching from Kopan Monastery, and you can read that commentary starting on page 13 of the full transcript, which can be downloaded from this site:

A commemoration will occur at Kopan Monastery on 13 April.

[This excerpt is from a post on the LZR News blog on the FPMT website dated 8 March 2024]

You are welcome to come along and join us in this special event.
Lunch will be offered after the event, for catering purposes, please register using the link:

Offerings of flowers, lights or monetary donations are welcome
Please click to register if you are attending and/or staying for lunch, 
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