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White Tara Practice Nights

November 15th, 22nd and 29th
All Are Welcome

White Tara is associated with practices that can contribute to enhancing one's Lifespan and
overcoming life-threatening hindrances.

The white Tara practice can also be done on behalf of someone who is ill.


Venerable Geshe Doga has said that he has seen sick and critically ill people regain their health after being given the White Tara mantra to recite. Even those without problems can avert future sickness and
obstacles and ensure a long and healthy life. By relying on White Tara and reciting her mantra, we can achieve a deep level of inner wellbeing so that we can truly be of help to ourselves and others.


The practice nights will be lead by senior students, and will provide an opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the White Tara practice.

All are welcome

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