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2pm on Saturday September 16th 2023

On behalf of the TI Committee, I would like you to attend a Community Meeting to discuss the 20 Year Vision for Tara Institute.


About the Draft


Several successive TI Committees have worked on a long-term vision for the Centre, informed by a community survey and multiple community meetings.

Each survey, community consultation and Committee meeting on the Vision has led to new ideas for the future of our incredible Centre. I find this very encouraging – so many of us care deeply about TI and will give our time, effort, and resources to see it flourish.


The continuing flow of ideas has also made it clear that our Vision will continue to change over time. Rather than publish a “final” Vision that we set and that may become irrelevant over time, we are sharing a live and dynamic view of the Centre’s direction with room for new ideas as they emerge. As you can see, our Vision is being shared as a google document that remains open for comments from our community and can be edited as needed.


As you read the Vision, please feel free to add your own ideas as comments. To do this, simply:

  • Highlight the relevant section of the Vision

  • Right click and select “Comment”

  • Type your comment and click “Comment”


While our Vision continues to evolve, our Management Team, led by Kerry (Centre Director) and Kim (SPC), are busy working on many of the areas that have been identified as priorities. Indeed, you will note that many of these ideas have already been brought to fruition by their hard work supported by many dedicated volunteers. There is no sense in which we need to wait for a “final vision” before acting in areas where the path of action is clear to us.


About the Community Meeting


When: 2pm on Saturday September 16th 2023

Where: Landcox Hall, Tara Institute

What will we discuss: the main areas of feedback and comments made by you, our Community

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me (Sahil) on


I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Warm regards,

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