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Tara Institute Archives and Publications

 Please scroll down the page to look at what is currently available.

Thanks to Geshe Doga’s continued presence at TI since 1984, the centre has collected thousands of audio files, transcripts and sets of students' notes that document the Buddhist teachings presented by Geshela and his students.


It is Geshela’s wish we share these teachings with the entire TI community, and, more broadly, with anyone interested in finding out how the teachings of the Buddha can be applied to modern life.

Tara Institute has established a program to catalogue, transcribe, edit and compile these teachings into books and other publications.

Our TI Archives project will ensure audio recordings are catalogued and stored for future reference; that audio files are transcribed, and transcripts edited and filed for easy retrieval; and that all teachings are printed and stored in an in-house reference library at the centre.


Through an associated TI Publications project, transcripts will be edited and compiled into digital e-books, with selected titles being made available to students and others in print form. 

~ Current publications available for downloading ~

  • The Three Principal Aspects of the Path ~ "All of the Buddha's teachings are subsumed into these three principles of the path (renunciation, bodhicitta and emptiness), so if we practise them, we are practising the essence of the Buddha's teachings." Geshe Doga

  • Developing Bodhicitta ~ Developing unconditional love for all living beings is the key to long-lasting happiness. Venerable Geshe Doga shows us how this is both possible and achievable through a classical Buddhist practice that helps us transcend selfishness and open our hearts to others.

  • Inner Peace and Happiness ~ introduces us to some of the Buddha's fundamental teachings, including the Four Noble Truths, taking Refuge in the Three Jewels, and generating unconditional love and compassion. Through practical examples, Geshe Doga shows us how these teachings can help us better understand our own mind and live a more wholesome life.


  • In Praise of Manjushri ~ Geshe Doga presents a concise word commentary by His Holiness KyabjeTrijang Rinpoche on the Manjushri prayer.  Trijang Rinpoche was  junior tutor to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and one of the foremost Tibetan Buddhist masters of our time.



  • Taking Refuge and Generating Bodhicitta ~ The first prayer we recite before teachings at Tara Institute is the "Refuge and Bodhicitta Prayer". Refuge is the door to the Buddhist path and bodhicitta is the door to the Mahayana path. This commentary by Geshe Doga provides a deeper understanding of this key practice.

  • Tara Institute Prayer BookTI has compiled a prayer book for student use of traditional Tibetan prayers, recited before and after teachings, and for special ceremonies such as pujas, etc.

  • Transcript ArchivesThrough a long-running weekly transcription and editing program, many of Geshela’s teachings are available as edited transcripts. Find here PDF transcripts ready to be downloaded to your device or computer. 

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