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Our Spiritual Programme

Whatever your religious affiliation, you are welcome to attend any teachings or events. We encourage you to maintain your own religious customs whilst borrowing any Buddhist practices and teachings that prove meaningful to you.


Our programme offers students an opportunity for regular study and practice.

Weekly Teachings:

  • Monday evenings at 8:00pm ~ Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy & Meditation

  • Tuesday evenings at 7:45pm - 9:45pm ~ Study Group with Venerable Geshe Doga

  • Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm ~  Heart Advice with Venerable Geshe Doga


Other Events

  • One-day courses and Special Events are offered periodically and there are seminars for more in-depth study.  

  • Pujas ~ We hold twice-monthly pujas (offering events) as well as grand "Wheel Turning" day pujas, four times a year.

  • Healing Programme ~ A support group for people with serious illnesses and their carers or friends

  • Dharma Club ~ Children aged 4-15 can come together once a month, for a few hours of teaching, fun, and creativity.


Among our facilities at Tara Institute is a Dining Room and a well-stocked Bookshop.

For information about programme events, please telephone the Office on (03) 9596 8900 / 0492 876 677.

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