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For the past eight years, in a demonstration of his wish to benefit others, Geshe Doga has travelled to Warrnambool to give Public Talks and Teachings about Tibetan Buddhism.  Whilst Geshe Doga has a vast and scholarly knowledge of Buddhism, he also has the ability to distil this knowledge into pragmatic and accessible advice for everyday people of all ages living in the 21st century.  His teachings are informative, often contain anecdotes from his life or the lives of his students and acquaintances, and challenge us to understand who we are and how we can live more contented lives.


The title of this book is a quote from the introduction from one of Geshe Doga’s teachings where he said:


It is traditional to offer something when you meet friends and I intend to offering something to you.  What I intend to offer from a good state of mind within and a good motivation are some words which may be useful for your life.  With a good intention, I offer that as a present.


We hope you will experience the ongoing benefit and joy from reading Geshe Doga’s teachings that we have received from listening to them.


Warrnambool Buddhist Group 2017

Please click here for the pdf file or here for the epub file.

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