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Meditations for Modern Minds

Meditations for Modern Minds is a new book from Tara Institute Publishing.

MEDITATIONS for Modern Minds is a new book from Tara Institute Publishing. It brings together a sample of teachings from some of Geshe Doga’s long-time senior students who have been leading weekly Monday night ‘Introduction to Meditation’ sessions at TI for many years.


This first volume includes teachings from Allys Andrews, Damien Busby, Clare Callinan, Jeremy Cohen, Margie Hanrahan, Judy Mayne, Ross Moore and
Venerable Michael Yeshe.

The meditations and discussions explore topics that matter to all of us – how to be happy, with or without the ‘stuff’ of our material culture; how to make our lives meaningful; how to better relate to our families, friends and work colleagues; developing clarity; how to realise our mind’s full potential; developing compassion; and coming to grips with emptiness and dependent arising – with how things really exist, as opposed to how we, weighed down by our own delusions, think they do.

Another feature of the book are the teachers’ personal introductions to their teachings. They highlight the different backgrounds and spiritual paths taken by each one and, most importantly, the life-changing impact that meditation has had on their lives over many years.

Meditations for Modern Minds is available for sale in the Tara Institute Bookshop now!

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