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The Tara Institute Shop has a great selection of Buddhist books from many popular publishers ranging from basic to complex teachings and general advice on good daily living. From introductory to advanced Buddhist teachings, from parenthood to death and dying, from anger management to biographies, we have a choice to please everybody.


We also carry a large selection of gifts and ritual objects, ornaments and artefacts.

  • Cards and Photos

  • Malas (Rosaries)

  • Candles

  • Singing Bowls

  • Incense and Incense Holders

  • Prayer Wheels

  • Wall Hangings

  • Selection of Jewellery: Earrings, Bracelets, etc

  • Water Bowls

  • Ritual Objects

  • Meditation Stools

  • Cushions

  • Shawls

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As well as books, we also have available:

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