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2024 Easter Course

Benefits of the practice of
Six Perfections 
Friday March 29th  to  Sunday 31st 2024
9am - 5pm

This Easter, TI’s Resident Geshe, Geshe Lobsang Dorje will present

the Benefits of practising the Six Perfections

The Sanskrit for perfection is paramita, which literally means “gone beyond.” 

The practice of Six Perfections (Paramitas) is the key point of mental practice which leads us toward Liberation (Nirvana). The biggest obstacles in our mind are hatred, attachment, jealousy, laziness and so on. The antidotes to these mental obstacles are the Six Paramitas, which provide a practice to challenge the many problems of our life. Through these six paramitas, we can know the power of our mind.

This will be a great benefit for all!


Needless to say, the perfections are the practices of bodhisattvas, holy beings who have completely renounced the self; they have transcended selfish concerns and cherish only others. Each perfection is perfect, flawless. Each arises from bodhichitta and is supported by the other perfections, including the wisdom of emptiness. Because of that, a bodhisattva generates infinite merit every moment, whether outwardly engaged in working for others or not. A bodhisattva’s bodhichitta never stops. Even sleeping, there is no self-cherishing; even in a coma, infinite merit is still created.

(excerpt from:The Six Perfections: The Practice of the Bodhisattvas  from Lama Zopa Rinpoche)


Please register either by ringing office 3 9596 8900  or online to help with lunch catering.

Event cost:   (include lunch)

With limited (shared) accommodation: (2 days)

Members $ 350

Non-members $ 400

 No Need Accommodation: 

Members $ 270

Non-members $ 320

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