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Weekly Healing Meditation Group

A Support Group for People with Serious Illnesses and Their Carers or Friends

PLEASE NOTE: The sessions will be from 12.30pm to 3.00pm throughout 2015 and 2016.

The next block commences on the 18th of November until the 9th of December 2015 (a four-week block).  Recommences in 2016 on the 10th of February to 27th April for a 12-week block.

Led by Bob Sharples

"As long as we ingnore its inner cause, we have no real cure for disease"

Ultimate Healing

by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Although the basis of the meditations and discussions is Tibetan Buddhism, and the place where the classes are held is a Tibetan Buddhist Centre, we believe that our presentations are accessible to all, whether one has a spiritual tradition or not.

Our purpose is to encourage the further development of peace and harmony in one's life which can lead to the healing of body and mind.

This group is a development of the Healing Meditation Program which has been running at Tara Institute since 1991.

The Focus of the classes is to support people with serious illnesses and to develop meditational skills that will support them in their goal of healing. By "healing" we mean the essential healing of the mind. When the mind experiences wholeness, there is peace and acceptance of the whole of ourselves.

The program runs over a 12-week period. Each week there is an opportunity to develop more skill and confidence in meditation. There is also a discussion topic based on introducing participants to basic Buddhist concepts which are relevant to health and healing.

It is anticipated that the topics will give participants the chance to understand these fundamental ideas in a gentle and conducive environment.

Wednesday Schedule

12.30 - 1.45pm Meditation & discussion
1.45 - 2.00pm Tea Breaks
2.00 - 3.00pm Discussion Topic & Meditation



$15.00 per session

Group Leaders

Bob Sharples is a psychologist who worked closely with Ian Gawler at his Yarra Junction centre for eleven years until November 2001. Bob  has been a member of Tara Institute for over twenty-seven years. He has had many years of clinical experience bringing together his Buddhist training and his professional work as a psychologist. He brings a wealth of experience and a great enthusiasm to the group.

Topics of the 12-week Programme

  1. Introduction to meditation
  2. Meditation ~ deepening the practice
  3. This precious human rebirth ~ how to use it well
  4. The Four Noble Truths
  5. Karma: the law of cause and effect
  6. Understanding impermanence
  7. Understanding interdependence
  8. Cultivating love and compassion
  9. Cultivating wisdom
  10. Universal Compassion and the highest aspiration
  11. Generating positive emotions ~ a matter of choice
  12. Taking it further ~ deepening the practice in daily life

We welcome newcomers who wish to experience the group before deciding whether to join or not. Once enrolled, it is anticipated that participants will make a firm commitment to attend the full 12-week program. However, it is also understood that sessions may have to be missed due to treatment and poor health. The course is designed to help participants build a confidence in meditation through regular practice and reinforcement in the weekly group. There will be every opportunity to catch up on missed sessions in the following 12-week cycle.

Bob Sharple's book, Meditation, Calming the Mind, is available in the Tara Institute Bookshop.


Teaching with Geshe Doga followed by Family Picnic in Landox Park

November 29th at10.30am

Family Picnic at midday

Please join us.

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

Philosophical tools to help you deal with everyday challenges - suitable for beginners and older students alike

Mondays ~ 8pm to 9pm
•2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 November

GesheDogaSmilingThroneStudy Group

An in-depth study into classical Buddhist texts; suitable for those with a reasonable understanding of Buddhist philosophy.

Tuesdays ~ 7.45pm to 9.45pm

Last teaching for 2015 is on December 1st - resumes 9th February 2016

GDoga 02abAn Evening with Geshe Doga

Practical instructions for daily life
The Middle Lam Rim—a text by Lama Je Tsong Khapa -Suitable for everyone

Wednesdays ~ 8pm to 9pm

Last teaching for 2015 is on Wednesday 2nd December - resumes 3rd February 2016


Lama Zopa Rinpoche's talk given at Tara Institute in November 2014



practising generosity


Dharma Quote

Good attitudes are based on love and compassion. Developing a sense of love and compassion within ourselves and further cultivating and protecting that sense of love and compassion is the best attitude that we can develop. These attitudes become a great solace for us in life.

Ven. Geshe Doga 16-6-10